Leeds Affordable Dental Implants

At Koplon Implant & Family Dentistry in Leeds Alabama, we pride ourselves on our affordable dental implant services. Whether your needs are for single tooth implants, multiple teeth implants, or full mouth implants, our team specializes in all types of dental implants. We work with each patient to evaluate their potential dental implant needs and if they are a good candidate for affordable dental implants.

At Koplon Implant & Family Dentistry in Leeds Alabama, we complete the entire procedure from start to finish directly in our office, including bone grafts, crowns, and the placement of the dental implant. Patients don’t have to worry about being referred to other offices, and we offer affordable dental implant options that fit our patients’ specific needs. There are no unexpected additional charges, as the office charges an all-inclusive fee for implant treatment.

Dental Implants Birmingham, Trussville, Pell City, Moody, Leeds AlabamaWhat Makes Dr. Koplon’s Process Unique?

– The entire process is completed from start to finish in our own office in Leeds Alabama.
– Dr. Koplon oversees all procedures, from consultation to completion.
– Utilize 3D planning technology to make the procedure minimally invasive.
– Affordable treatment because all procedures are done in our office.

Why Choose Dental Implants?

– A permanent replacement for missing teeth.
– Able to chew and eat as if it’s your natural tooth.
– Teeth implants help maintain bone density.
– Dental implants look and feel like natural teeth.


Dental Implant Treatment Choices:


A Single Tooth Implant Option:

If you just need one implant due to periodontal disease or some kind of accident, we can replace just one tooth without bothering your other teeth. Our expert team will make sure that your single implant looks and feels just like your other natural teeth, so that your smile looks as good as it always did.

single  single 1

Replacing Multiple Teeth:

If you have many missing teeth, replacing various teeth with implants might be the best option for you. In this case, bridges that support implants would be inserted into your mouth. The bridges that would be placed in your mouth look and feel like your regular teeth because they actually adhere to your jawbone – the end result is a preservation of your regular bone structure in addition to a healthy and happy smile.

dent 5  dent 4

Complete Tooth Replacement:

Not having any teeth can really impact your self-esteem and make you look older than you actually are. In this case, dentures with implants is the best way to restore your smile and turn back the clock. These dentures will last for a very long time, they are comfortable and feel natural inside of your mouth, and they are the best permanent option when it comes to replacing your missing teeth. You will be able to chew, talk, laugh, and carry on with your everyday life just as if you had all of your natural teeth!

 dent 7  dent 6

Take a look at this link for our post-op instructions – click here

Servicing the Leeds Alabama community, Koplon Implant & Family Dentistry can help you with your dental implant needs Call us today if you are considering any of the dental implant options listed above in Leeds, Greater Birmingham, and St. Clair County – 205-699-2551.