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March 5, 2024

Unsure If You Are A Candidate For Denture Implants In Birmingham, AL? We Can Help You Figure That Out

by Dr. Adam Koplon

Traditional dentures can be a good short-term solution to replace missing teeth. But traditional dentures are far from the best way to replace teeth in the long run. When people go to a skilled and trusted doctor’s practice, they can replace their teeth with denture implants in Birmingham, AL. Denture implants allow patients to maintain a wider diet and they improve their jawbone density and health.

For those who are unsure if they are a candidate for denture implants, a quality doctor can help them determine that. Ready to learn more about what makes people a candidate for denture implants? Continue reading to learn what makes people candidates for denture implants.


How Will My Candidacy For Denture Implants Be Determined?

Most people with missing teeth can become candidates for denture implants in Birmingham, AL. A caring and dedicated dental professional will begin determining people’s candidacy for denture implants by starting with an initial examination visit called a consultation. During the consultation, the doctor will take 3D digital images of the patient’s mouth.

These images will show everything from the relationship between oral structures, to the density of the jawbone. In addition to examining the patient’s images, the doctor will perform a visual checkup as well. The patient will also contribute to the consultation by talking about any past oral history concerns the patient may have, as well as their overall smile goals.

Afterward, the doctor can determine at the same appointment whether or not the patient can be recommended for denture implants. A number of factors go into determining a patient’s candidacy for denture implants. Among those are the following considerations:

Does The Patient Have Missing Teeth Or Hopelessly Failing Teeth?

Patients who invest in denture implants need to to have missing teeth in one or both of their arches.

Is The Patient Healthy Enough For Surgery?

Denture implant candidates must be in good oral health and overall health.

Does The Patient Have Sufficient Jawbone Volume To Support Denture Implants?

If the patient has undergone significant jawbone loss in the areas where they have missing teeth, then a bone grafting procedure may be advised before they are treated with denture implants.

Does The Patient Use Traditional Dentures?

Those who already wear traditional dentures are great candidates for denture implants because, once two or more dental implant posts are stabilized in their jawbone, the denture can be securely and comfortably attached to their mouth.

Come To Our Office So We Can Determine Your Candidacy For Denture Implants

Are you ready to get the functional, stable, and confident new smile that you need and deserve? With denture implants, you will be able to eat a wider variety of foods, speak clearly, and smile confidently. At our state-of-the-art practice, we can determine your candidacy for transformative denture implants.

Why wait to improve your smile with us? Get in contact with our doctors, Dr. Scott Koplon and our exceptional team at our practice to schedule an appointment today!

About Adam Koplon, D.M.D.

Dr. Adam is a certified member of the American Dental Association (ADA), the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and the American Institute of Implant Dentistry (AIID).
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