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Book your Video Call appointment in just 3 easy steps:
Works anywhere, on any device. Nothing to download.
You Fill Out Request Form Below
Our Patient Care Coordinator Texts or Emails You with Video Call Link
You Click the Video Link at Time of Your Appointment
Request Your Virtual Appointment
with Dr. Adam Koplon who provides compassionate, caring, online dentistry for patients throughout Alabama.
We are open for dental emergencies and emergency treatment needs.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are common reasons to schedule a Virtual Appointment from home?

1. I think I may be a candidate for dental implants and I want to know how much they cost
2. I have tooth pain and I want to speak to the dentist before coming in
3. My gums are inflamed or bleeding
4. I have questions about the insurance that you take
5. I think I may be a candidate for dentures or a full arch of implants and I want to know how much they cost
6. I am interested in a smile makeover. Could you take a look at my smile?
7. I cracked a tooth and I want to know what my options are

How much does the appointment cost?

Dental implant consultations are complimentary, other dental appointments and concerns have a fee that must be paid prior to the appointment.

Do I need to have a computer?

You do not need to have a computer. A phone with a camera and microphone will work too. You need to have a strong wifi or 3G/4G connection and good lighting so the doctor can see your smile.

Why can’t I just come to the office?

You can come to the office once we determine it’s medically necessary after your Virtual Consultation.

Can multiple people in my household participate in the Virtual Appointment?

We will need to set up an appointment for each individual but we can do the assessment on one call.

Will I have a diagnosis at the end of my appointment?

You will not have a diagnosis. The only way to receive a true and accurate diagnosis is to come into the office and get an X-ray. You will have a very close understanding of your current dental status, recommended treatment options and cost.
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