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Roll Tide Willie's New Teeth: A Game Winning Smile!

See How Willie Changed His Life With All-On-4

Are you familiar with Roll Tide Willie, Alabama Super Fan? After he was involved in an accident 30 years ago, he has been living without teeth ever sense. Dr. Koplon and his team helped Roll Tide Willie restore his smile in just one appointment with All-On-4® dental implants in Leeds, AL.

In one visit, Dr. Koplon was able to take a digital scan of Willie’s mouth, place dental implants, print new full arch teeth, and place them. That same day, Willie left with fixed in teeth and had an instant new smile.

Just where did Roll Tide Willie’s story and smile transformation begin? Continue reading to learn exactly how Roll Tide Willie got new teeth.

What Does Roll Tide Mean?

For those who live in Alabama, “roll tide” is a phrase that can easily be found in everyday conversations. Many people use “roll tide” as a way to describe a good (or bad!) event, or to even say hello or goodbye. However, “roll tide” is most closely associated with the University of Alabama and its athletics.

The origins of the “roll tide” chant, that is commonly used for everything from athletes and spectators to media personalities started more than a century ago. Its legacy began when a journalist described Alabama’s football feats against Auburn as a “crimson tide”. Fast forward a few decades and “crimson tide” had caught on, along with its cousin, “roll tide.”

According to Dorothy Warden, “roll tide” has ended up being what she calls a “cultural key word.” Leveraging her experience as an assistant professor of applied linguistics at the University of Alabama (“Roll tide!”), Warden explains that cultural key words serve to allow people to speak a common, yet exclusive, language.

This is why to outsiders, “roll tide” seems too confusing, but to insiders, it is just a way of life. And it has certainly been a way of life for a man colloquially known as Roll Tide Willie.

Who Exactly Is Roll Tide Willie?

Roll Tide Willie is who many people might call a Super Fan. For decades, he has been coming to football games at the University of Alabama. Roll Tide Willie gained national exposure in 2009, when a t-shirt bearing his well-known phrase was noticed by the media. This spawned a desire for related merchandise, so that anyone with a “roll tide” loyalty could dress exactly like the football team’s biggest supporter.

There is little doubt that Roll Tide Willie has an unwavering dedication to the Crimson Tide and all things “roll tide.” One peek at his Instagram shows nothing but love for the University of Alabama. Yet, Roll Tide Willie had a problem: He was missing most of his teeth, which left Roll Tide Willie unable to fully enjoy life.
Roll Tide Willie Smiling With His New All On 4 Dental Implant Smile

Roll Tide Willie’s Background And Dental Experiences

Roll Tide Willie was involved in an accident 30 years ago, leaving him toothless. He had been toothless ever sense and his overall health declined. Instead of doing anything about it, he just kept a great “roll tide” attitude. But he was missing out on a lot of the pleasures that teeth bring, like being able to have a functional, winning smile.

Eventually, Roll Tide Willie decided he needed to talk with someone about his missing teeth that were impacting his daily life. At that point, he set up an appointment to talk with the exceptional team at the Koplon Implant & Family Dentistry office.

Why Did Roll Tide Willie Choose Koplon Implant & Family Dentistry To Transform His Smile?

When people have a mouthful of missing teeth or severely infected teeth, they will need to turn to the most trusted and skilled doctors they can for help. At Koplon Implant & Family Dentistry, the quality team is focused on delivering concierge patient experiences. Every aspect of each patient’s case and goals are considered. Then dental procedures are recommended, like tooth crowns, root canals, and other comprehensive care services.

For Roll Tide Willie, the doctor suggested he upgrade his smile with All On Four Fixed Hybrids.  All-On-4® dental implants In Leeds, AL are the only permanent, fixed way to get a smile that functions naturally, preserves the strength of the jawbone, and looks real. Thanks to All-On-4 dental implants, even patients who have been without their teeth for many years — like Roll Tide Willie — can get all the benefits that come with a working, healthy, and attractive smile.

How Exactly Did Roll Tide Willie Get His New Smile?

There are several types of dental implant procedures that might be suitable for different patients. For Roll Tide Willie, All-On-4 dental implants in Leeds, AL were the right match.

All-On-4 dental implants consist of a life-like full arch prosthesis secured to four dental implant posts. When the four dental implant posts were surgically placed into Roll Tide Willies jawbone, they became a permanent part of his smile through osseointegration. Not only do dental implant posts provide the stability to support a full arch prosthesis, they stimulate the surrounding jawbone to keep producing bone tissue.

What made All-On-4 dental implants especially appealing for Roll Tide Willie, is that they restored his smile in just one visit. During the surgical placement procedure, Roll Tide Willie was first given sedation dentistry so that he could have a comfortable and anxiety-free experience. Then the dental implant posts were strategically placed in his jaw where he had enough bone density to support them.

The full arch prosthesis was then fabricated at our in-house dental lab and attached immediately to the dental implant posts to give Roll Tide Willie a beautiful and functional new smile. With All-On-4 dental implants precisely placed, Roll Tide Willie will be able to maintain a normal diet, speak clearly, and smile confidently. Best of all, Roll Tide Willie could continue to be a Alabama Super Fan.

UPDATE - Roll Tide Willie's Finished Smile!

Come and see the final product! These fixed in teeth look and act just like his natural teeth. His smile has completely changed. Roll Tide, Willie!

See Us Now So We Can Transform Your Smile With An All On Four Fixed Hybrid Procedure

Roll Tide Willie’s story has a happy, healthy, and inspiring “roll tide” ending, thanks to his decision to get treated with All-On-4 dental implants. Why wait to restore your smile, like Roll Tide Willie, with us? Get in contact with Dr. Scott Koplon, Dr. Adam Koplon, and our exceptional team at our Koplon Implant & Family Dentistry office in Leeds, AL to schedule an appointment today!
Roll Tide Willie Smiling With Drs Scott & Adam Koplon

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