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July 20, 2021

Embarrassed about smile

by Dr. Adam Koplon

Do you avoid smiling with your teeth in photos? Do you often avoid looking at your smile in the mirror? What about covering your mouth in public?

So often, patients come to our office when they have:

  • hit their limit on feeling embarrassed
  • lack confidence as it relates to their smile
  • had trauma to their teeth and have not had fixed
  • have fears of visiting the dentist and have delayed appropriate dental care as a result

Can you relate to any of the reasons above? We talk to patients daily who tell us that they are so embarrassed to smile or to even show us - dentists - their teeth, and that it took years for them to finally come get an opinion.

Do not let fear or embarrassment stop you from getting the dental care you deserve.

While this makes us feel for the experience that the patient has been having, we are so humbled that patients put their trust in us to fix their smile. We work diligently to earn that trust from patients and assure them that we are here to help instill confidence and pride for that patient, and are a teammate in helping them achieve their goals.

As we determine what the patient's lifestyle goals are, what type of smile they dream of, what they hope to achieve from our care and more, we custom tailor a treatment plan that fits that patient's unique needs. We delicately work to turn that patient's dream into a reality, and our entire team is committed to the patient's end goal and success.

Often, patients looking to improve their smile come to us seeking: 

  • full mouth dental implants
  • single tooth dental implants 
  • permanent dentures 
  • fixed-in dentures 
  • sedation dentistry support 
  • and more 

If you are feeling this way and have long wanted to improve your smile and quality of life but have not known where to begin, please know this is common and that our team is here to guide you every step of the way. We offer free dental implant consultations so that patients and prospective patients can hear about how we can help them achieve their smile goals and finally be happy smiling again. 

Interested in scheduling a free dental implant consultation? Let us help you - call today: 205-699-2551. 

About Adam Koplon, D.M.D.

Dr. Adam is a certified member of the American Dental Association (ADA), the Academy of General Dentistry (AGD) and the American Institute of Implant Dentistry (AIID).
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