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Affordable Dental Implants

Our goal at Koplon Implant & Family Dentistry is to make you as comfortable as possible when it comes to getting dental implants. How do we do this? By completing the entire procedure from start to finish directly in our office – including bone grafts, crowns, and the placement of the dental implant.

The fact that we do not refer our patients to other dental experts makes our office unique, but that’s not the only reason why Dr. Koplon is highly sought out in the Trussville communities. In addition to completing entire procedures in our office, Dr. Koplon oversees all of the dental procedures that we do personally. From your consultation to completion, you’ll be in expert hands!

Should You Choose Dental Implants?

We know that selecting to have dental implants is a big decision. Here are some of the reasons why affordable dental implants might be the right option for you:

– No more issues chewing or eating certain foods. Implants act like natural teeth

– Bone density can be maintained with the right tooth implants

– Dental implants are the best and more natural option for replacing missing teeth

– It’s hard to tell the difference between an implant and natural teeth


Dental Implant Procedureimplant2

What Are Dental Implants Made Of?

Dental implants are a unique technology that allows you to have a natural looking smile and teeth that feel normal regardless of the prior state of your teeth. These implants feel and act just like regular teeth (even transferring pressure onto your jaw bone like regular teeth do), and they can last for an entire lifetime.

Because implants feel and look so natural, you can bite and chew just as you would with your regular teeth. You can also have future dental work done without any problems, since implants adhere to the bone in your mouth creating a solid foundation for any kind of additional dental work.


What If You Choose Not to Get Implants?

Dental implants and dentures are the absolute best option when it comes to your mouth. Without getting implants, your jaw could deteriorate and your bone structure could falter as a result of not using your jaw as you would if you had natural teeth. As a result, your smile would not be the same, and your other teeth may move creating large gaps in your mouth. Because of all this movement and damage, the shape of your face can also change causing a look of premature aging.

We know that Trussville communities will have lots of questions about our affordable dental implants, which is why we invite you to call Koplon Implant & Family Dentistry today at 205-699-2551 to book an appointment.

Dental Implant Treatment Choices:

A Single Tooth Implant Option:

If you just need one implant due to periodontal disease or some kind of accident, we can replace just one tooth without bothering your other teeth. Our expert team will make sure that your single implant looks and feels just like your other natural teeth, so that your smile looks as good as it always did.

singlesingle 1


Replacing Multiple Teeth:

If you have many missing teeth, replacing various teeth with implants might be the best option for you. In this case, bridges that support implants would be inserted into your mouth. The bridges that would be placed in your mouth look and feel like your regular teeth because they actually adhere to your jawbone – the end result is a preservation of your regular bone structure in addition to a healthy and happy smile.


dent 5dent 4


Complete Tooth Replacement:

Not having any teeth can really impact your self-esteem and make you look older than you actually are. In this case, dentures with implants is the best way to restore your smile and turn back the clock. These dentures will last for a very long time, they are comfortable and feel natural inside of your mouth, and they are the best permanent option when it comes to replacing your missing teeth. You will be able to chew, talk, laugh, and carry on with your everyday life just as if you had all of your natural teeth!


dent 7dent 6


Take a look at this link for our post-op instructions – click here

Servicing the Trussville communities, Koplon Dentistry provides solutions in oral care through affordable dental implants, dentures, and other dental works. Call us today if you are considering any of the dental implant options listed above – we’ll be happy to consult with you and show you what your best options are!